Sex and Relationships Education

Sex & Relationships Education

We believe that sex education, like other areas of the curriculum, should be matched to the maturity of the children.


As parents, you are in the best position to help your child to cope with physical, emotional and moral aspects of growing up. In school, teachers will try to deal factually, honestly and clearly with children’s questions whenever they arise. Our school policy, as agreed by the Governing Body, reflects the Local Authority’s recommendation for primary schools. We feel that sex education is best covered within the ‘Personal & Social Health Education’ areas of the curriculum taking place in school, so that it can be introduced in the context of family life, with caring relationships and respect for others emphasised.


We recognise that parents have a right to withdraw their child from all or part of the school’s sex education programme, which covers issues outside the National Curriculum. Parents will always be informed beforehand of lesson content, which goes beyond National Curriculum requirements, and will be given an opportunity to view material before it is presented to the children.


Where a parent wishes to exclude their child from sex education lessons, a letter requesting this should be sent to the Headteacher, indicating their reasons for the request.


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